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Have you got the best source of biofeedback device for your needs?

I started on this voyage of using biofeedback device at age 16 with one of the earliest mind-machine, flashing one-tone LEDs and beeping in earphones.

I got into it because if insomnia.

(Coming from a hectic childhood, probably ‘traumatic’ by most psychologists standards, I had become anxsy… it was difficult to switch my brain off, noises or lights in the environment would keep my brain engaged.. But the mind-machine entrainment took my brain down into relaxed states, and I learned how to do it myself from there. The mind-machine literally taught my brain how to fall asleep!)

From there I explored the possibilities of brain synchronisation, learning and creative states, and high performance energization.

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Biofeedback Device Owner August 23, 2010 at 2:49 am

Why do you like biofeedback devices?


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